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The Founding Father of ‘Collective Responsibility’ by Thomas DiLorenzo � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

The Founding Father of ‘Collective Responsibility’ by Thomas DiLorenzo


…In the autumn of 1862 Confederate snipers were firing at U.S. Navy gunboats on the Mississippi River. Unable to apprehend the combatants, Sherman took revenge on the civilian population by burning the entire town of Randolph, Tennessee to the ground.

In the spring of 1863, after the Confederate Army had evacuated, Sherman ordered the destruction of Jackson, Mississippi. Afterwards, in a letter to Grant Sherman boasted that “The inhabitants are subjugated. They cry aloud for mercy. The land is devastated for 30 miles around.”

Sherman’s troops also destroyed Meridian, Mississippi after Confederate troops were driven out, after which Sherman wrote to Grant: “For five days, ten thousand of our men worked hard and with a will, in that work of destruction, with axes, sledges, crowbars, clawbars, and with fire, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing the work well done. Meridian . . . no longer exists.”

When Sherman’s chief military engineer, Captain O.M. Poe, advised that the bombing of Atlanta after the Confederates had fled was of no military significance, Sherman ignored him and..............................


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    It Did Not begin With FDR...


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