Saturday, September 24, 2011

Why Federal Government Trumps the States

Why Federal Government Trumps the States:

It sounds quaint. But giving Washington less control over our affairs, and the states more control, is a bad idea.

Here's why: People move.

Anybody who has relocated from one state to another knows there's a huge hassle factor associated with simply adapting to a different set of rules.

There's also the dubious proposition that states manage their business better than the federal government. It's true that nearly all states are required to balance their budgets, which creates a degree of spending discipline. But that's hardly the same thing as responsible government.

It's worth keeping in mind that the national press corps is centered in Washington and New York, and for all its flaws, there are still hundreds of dogged journalists eager to ferret out wrongdoing and pounce on scandalous behavior.

In state capitals, by contrast, there's far less oversight and a thin press corps that can't possibly keep tabs on every shady deal.

Yeah, there are a lot of problems with the federal government. But 50 different sets of rules isn't one of them.

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