Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Beatles Would Support Ron Paul by James E. Miller

The Beatles Would Support Ron Paul by James E. Miller:

As Ron Paul wrote in his newest book Liberty Defined:

"People must understand that we can't use violence to have our own way over others – nor should the agents of our government have that power. Even a majority vote should never be accepted as legitimatizing government's use of violence against the people."

Lennon’s criticism of Chairman Mao and communism in "Revolution," is certainly in line with Ron Paul’s beliefs. Paul has always acted on the side of liberty and decentralizing power, not empowering the state for the sake of achieving his ends. In an interview with Reason magazine:

Paul: "Martin Luther King is one of my heroes because he believed in nonviolence and that's a libertarian principle. Rosa Parks is the same way. Gandhi, I admire. Because they're willing to take on the government, they were willing to take on bad laws."

Ron Paul’s position is one of peace and cooperation. The State, by definition, supersedes voluntary cooperation by establishing itself as a monopoly on coercion and violence. This has grown to include drug prohibition.

Just in the federal prison system alone there are approximately 103,000 people locked up for drug offenses, that’s 50% of the whole federal prison population.....


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