Saturday, September 24, 2011

Republicans Complicit in Violation of U.S. Constitution| The Post & Email

Republicans Complicit in Violation of U.S. Constitution| The Post & Email:


by Lynn Stuter, �2011

Will the RNC take any action against a usurper to the presidency?

(Sep. 23, 2011) — Like many of you, I recently received a “census” survey from the Republican National Committee. I learned, a long time ago, that the answers to surveys were found in the wording of the questions. In other words, survey participants are led to the wanted answer by the wording of the questions.

The survey was accompanied, of course, by the requisite request for money.

At first I was going to toss the whole thing. The RNC doesn’t really want to know what the American people think, ergo the survey set up to elicit the wanted responses, just the check enclosed – thank you very much.

Then I decided that since they had given me the opportunity to communicate with them, via a return postage-paid envelope, why should I miss the opportunity to tell them what I really think.

Thus, I wrote and sent the following letter to the RNC –.....

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