Saturday, September 03, 2011

West given rosy view of Islamism

West given rosy view of Islamism:

...Arab petrodollars have thoroughly perverted Islam, or more appropriately the “official” Islam of the Arab-Muslim world, into a homicidal jihadi cult.

But it has also infected the West, and severely warped its capacity to think critically when it comes to dealing with the Arab-Muslim world.

The insidious effects of petrodollar corruption are all around us. The mainstream media and universities seeking their share of Arab petrodollars have greatly abandoned their roles of maintaining objective and critical views of the world, and inculcating the same in their audience and students.

The infection has spread to the churches. My friend Marc Lebuis — I have once before written about his work — runs a small organization named Point de Bascule in Montreal devoted to exposing Islamism and Islamists in our midst...


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