Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bill O'Reilly goes too far investigating his wife's policeman boyfriend?

Bill O'Reilly goes too far investigating his wife's policeman boyfriend?:

Bill O’Reilly’s wife has moved out of their home and according to Gawker, he may even be divorced already.

O’Reilly’s wife is reportedly romantically involved with a member of the Nassau Police Department, the town in which the O’Reilly’s reside.

It’s alleged that O’Reilly used his fame and money to get the police department’s internal affairs to do an investigation into this policeman.

Gawker reports that, O’Reilly suspected his wife of having a relationship last year with a police detective in his town of Nassau and he used his influence to have the man investigated by his own police department’s internal affairs.

Accusations from Gawker suggest that O’Reilly was due to give a massive donation to the Nassau County Police Department to build a training center around the time this favor was asked and this may be the reason his request was granted.

The man being investigated was not married and if he was having a relationship with O’Reilly’s wife, this would not have been an offense as a policeman or something internal affairs would normally investigate.

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