Saturday, September 03, 2011

Obama Is As Destructive on Vacation As He Is When Working

Obama Is As Destructive on Vacation As He Is When Working:

Why so many people cringed when Obozo went off to play with the uber-rich and famous in the posh resort areas of Martha’s Vineyard puzzles me.

Many thought he should remain on the job in these critical times for America, but he has shown that he can do as much damage when on vacation as he can while at his desk in Washington. The man is just a complete and total loss for executive leadership and steering our ship of state.

How much more damage control will be needed during these count-down months ahead until we can finally stop him dead in his tracks on November 06, 2012? How many more sneaky and devastating tricks of administrative deviousness like Executive Orders to further undermine our Constitution does he have up his sleeve?

The minute he is gone some worthy soul in Congress should propose the diminution of authority that can be wielded with Executive Orders so as to protect us from another power mad simpleton in the class of Kim Il Jong or Obama.

Those documents should be totally restricted to administrative and procedural commands not affecting operations or finances of the country. They should never be used to pre-empt or side-step an established law or Constitutional authority. Recess appointments should be banned also.................

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