Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Kinds of Selfishness by Scott Lazarowitz

Two Kinds of Selfishness by Scott Lazarowitz:

In a recent debate CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul who should pay for the health care of someone who doesn’t have insurance and who is seriously ill. Blitzer asked Dr. Paul if, in a society presumably in which the government doesn’t fund health care, should the society just let the patient die. Dr. Paul replied, "No," and explained how, in the pre-welfare statist days, hospitals, churches, friends and neighbors never turned away sick people, and he addressed the root causes of the high cost of health care: the impoverishing and stifling regulations and red tape, the corporatist special interest influences of the drug and insurance companies, lack of competition, and the consequences of inflation.

But apparently Paul Krugman missed that part of Dr. Paul’s explanation.

One philosopher who tried to clarify the ignorance and myths about capitalism, and whose ideas contributed to the discussions of the differences between free market capitalism and socialism, was Ayn Rand. Her controversial book The Virtue of Selfishness sought to clarify the ethics and morality of selfishness, in contrast to the destruction of altruism.

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