Friday, September 23, 2011

Lynn Stuter -- Republicans complicit in violation of U.S. Constitution

Lynn Stuter -- Republicans complicit in violation of U.S. Constitution:

This refusal of elected officials to uphold their oaths of office, Republicans included, has resulted in a constitutional crisis in which money has been appropriated and spent, and laws have been passed and enforced, under the signature of an illegal executive officer holder.

In the same vein, American military forces have been ordered to areas of conflict and have suffered casualties as a result. As Barack Hussein Obama is not the legal president of this country, the deaths incurred as a result of his orders, are nothing short of murder. Every Congressman and woman, who has done nothing to address the illegal status of Obama, is complicit in those murders.

The answer to constituents by Republican Congressmen and women, has been a canned response, pointing the finger at the courts. And the courts have, in response, pointed the finger at Congress. And the issue of an illegal office holder in the White House and Oval Office has resulted in many Americans coming to the realization that the corruption in Washington DC is not Democrats, Republicans or Independents, it's everyone because this conspiracy to keep an illegally sitting official could not continue if the Republicans and Independents refused to go along with it......................

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