Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama: World will stand with post-Gadhafi Libya (Sharia-based or not..)

Obama: World will stand with post-Gadhafi Libya (Sharia-based or not..):

.........Obama praised the international community for having "the courage and the collective will to act" in Libya. He said that while global powers cannot and should not intervene every time there is an injustice in the world, there are occasions when nations must join forces to prevent the killing of innocent civilians.

"Our international coalition stopped the regime in its tracks and saved countless lives, and gave the Libyan people the time and space to prevail," Obama said.

Obama was joined .. by several other world leaders and representatives of Libya's National Transitional Council. Prior to the gathering, Obama met one-on-one with the NTC's chairman, Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

The U.S. now recognizes the NTC as Libya's legitimate government. .................

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