Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'The Case for Impeachment' New indictment argues Obama can and should be removed from office ~ 'The Case for Impeachment'

The Founding Fathers enshrined the impeachment clause in the U.S. Constitution because they feared a president intent on subverting the very principles on which the American experiment was built would someday rise to power.

"That day," says "The Case for Impeachment" by Steven Baldwin, "is now upon us," and today only WND readers can get a copy of this sensational special report – normally $29.99 – for only $4.95, an unheard-of $25 discount!
Lying, bribery, subverting election laws, payoffs, aiding the nation's enemies, seeking the abrogation of the U.S. Constitution: Which of these does not fulfill the "high crimes and misdemeanors" requirement in the nation's founding documents for removing a sitting president, asks the author.

"The Case for Impeachment" is an insightful summary of how President Barack Hussein Obama’s purposeful actions have "jeopardized America’s ability to defend herself, and undermined our free-enterprise system, corrupted our democratic institutions and transferred massive amounts of power and wealth from American citizens to extremist special interest groups whose loyalty lies not with our Constitution, but with a global socialist movement."
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Read more: 'The Case for Impeachment' http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=222581#ixzz1Z9SH9YLD

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