Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The County Sheriff: Our Last Hope?| The Post & Email

The County Sheriff: Our Last Hope?| The Post & Email:

A petition letter to county sheriffs referenced here and posted on Scribd is now accompanied by a complete list of county sheriffs‘ offices in every state. There are no addresses for the state of Connecticut because there are no county sheriffs there.

Other press releases and articles can be found here.

On September 26, 2011, a county sheriff who had been contacted about the Obama eligibility question responded:

I could be wrong but this thing has been vetted 25 ways to Sunday by thousands of people and sources. I am all for unveiling the facts…especially as relate to this disaster of a President; however, unless you guys know something right now that I don’t, I am not going to invest resources and time into what I believe has been drilled as deeply as possible.

A citizen letter was then sent to the sheriff’s office:

With all due respect:

I won’t belabor all of the evidence and arguments here, but you have the authority and legal right to investigate and obtain information that the average citizen does not. We rely upon you and your peers; our elected public servants to do your job, uphold your Oath, protect the people and our Constitution and rule of law. You have powers vested in you and we expect you to use them to the full extent............

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