Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anonymous Goes After the Pepper Spray Cop's Personal Info

Anonymous Goes After the Pepper Spray Cop's Personal Info:

The police officer videoed spraying what appears to be pepper spray into the eyes of peaceful protesters in New York City on Saturday has found Internet fame as online activists target him in traditional hacker fashion:

By releasing all his personal and professional data online in an attack known as a dox. The last few months have seen the online activism of Anonymous moving into the real world with direct actions like the Op-BART demonstrations in San Francisco and the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. The spread of this video blurs the line between online and real-world activism once more as the wider digital population of Anonymous targets the officer for retaliation by going after his data, his identity, and his job in a classic bit of hactivism.

(Excerpt) Read more at theatlanticwire.com ...

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