Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Day Science Died by Jeff Berwick and Derek Donohue

The Day Science Died by Jeff Berwick and Derek Donohue:

So, it came as a very big surprise to me that of all the articles I have written, the article about the Electric Universe had the most direct feedback of any of them.

My email box was nearly full. There were a variety of emails including some who wanted to point out that Robin Hood was actually a libertarian/anarchist figure who "stole" the money back from the government of the time (the King) to give to the people. I admitted that that may very well have been the original point of Robin Hood, but Hollywood has unfortunately turned it into a socialist indoctrination system.

Other emails came directly from some of the founders of the Electric Universe concept, inviting me to a conference they will be having in Las Vegas in January – an invitation I accepted very humbly!

But the great majority of emails were from people who already knew about the Electric Universe or who found out about it through my post and who were excited about it.

One email I received in particular is quite insightful as to how the college and university bureaucracies of today have hindered the science itself..................

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