Thursday, September 29, 2011

Court: Islam, Buddha, Homosexuality OK, but no God Allowed in Classroom

Court: Islam, Buddha, Homosexuality OK, but no God Allowed in Classroom:

The communist Left’s campaign to drive every hint of God from our nation’s classrooms continues. In case you missed the story from a couple of weeks ago, the latest twist in the case of the assault on one teacher’s freedom of speech has been a blow dealt by the notoriously leftist 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that ruled that school district authorities did not violate the teacher’s right to freedom of speech when they ordered him to remove patriotic banners from his classroom that included the name of God.

This ordeal began back in 2007 when Brad Johnson, a math teacher in San Diego’s Westview High School of the Poway Unified School District, was ordered by the schools principal to remove the banners.

WorldNetDaily reported that Johnson did not take the attack lying down and filed suit against the school district.

“A math teacher sued...............

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