Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Bizarre New Reason for Football Postponement: Fire Ants!

A Bizarre New Reason for Football Postponement: Fire Ants!:

When Friday's football game between Hunter-Kinard-Tyler (S.C.) High and Calhoun County (S.C.) High (members of which are pictured below) was delayed for two days, few people (if any) would have predicted what caused the postponement.

Weather? Not this time. A power outage? Nope, the electricity was flowing just fine.

Instead, the matchup between two small South Carolina schools was delayed because of a massive infestation of fire ants on Hunter-Kinard-Tyler's home field . After inspecting the field before the game's opening kickoff, football referee Steve Hook discovered nearly 20 active fire ant mounds on the surface of play.

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