Friday, August 19, 2011

Ron Paul and the Self-Hating ‘Libertarians’ by Walter Block ~ The Ron Paul Haters

Ron Paul and the Self-Hating ‘Libertarians’ by Walter Block:
The Ron Paul Haters
They include "libertarians," says Walter Block.


We are now at a point in time where, thanks to Dr. Ron Paul, people are hearing of libertarianism to a degree that possibly never before occurred in our entire history.

Congressman Paul’s efforts in 2008 were responsible for putting our freedom philosophy in front of the American people in a gigantic, stupendous way. His present campaign is even more successful, far more so. At a time when Ron is creating libertarians wholesale, and introducing the entire world to the case for liberty, Reason and Molyneux are doing everything they can to stop this process. For shame.


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