Friday, August 19, 2011

Prison � Dem Rep: Obama Will Have “Very Tough Time” Winning Re-Election

Prison � Dem Rep: Obama Will Have “Very Tough Time” Winning Re-Election:

DeFazio says Obama lacks will to fight, may lose Oregon

The Southern Oregon Democrat accused the President of lacking the will to fight for repealing the Bush tax cuts, and for caving in to Republicans on the ’fake crisis’ debt ceiling deal. view full article

EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon Congressman Peter Defazio is traveling around his district and leveling verbal body blows at President Obama.

Asked whether he thought the President had a shot at re-election, Defazio was skeptical.

“At this point it pretty much depends on how far out there the Republican nominee is. You know with a respectable–someone who is a little bit toward the middle of the road–Republican nominee, he’s going to have a very tough time getting re-elected,” said DeFazio.

He’s also not convinced the President will do well in Oregon.

Full story here.

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