Friday, August 19, 2011

The irksome hitch in Rick Perry’s ‘git-a-long’

The irksome hitch in Rick Perry’s ‘git-a-long’:

So the mainstream media doesn’t like what my late Auntie Edie would call the “little hitch in Rick Perry’s ‘git-a-long’ ”.

It really grates on those feverish AP scribes who like to portray Perry’s git-a-long as an outright “swagger”.

“Perry exudes confidence, swagger on Campaign Trail”. (AP, Aug. 18, 2011). And just to think the peanut gallery thought exuding confidence out on the campaign trail was what presidential candidates were supposed to do!

Then there’s the call out to strippers, escorts, just a “young hottie”, potential blackmailers and the like by the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy in an ad hominem Internet ad asking, “Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?”

In their dreams, as time will likely prove.

They’re covering Rick Perry in the cowboy icon and recent history has already proven that only Mamas dare to love cowboys.

It’s open season on Republican, Conservative and Tea Party presidential candidates, and we expect the jackals in the mainstream media to be gathering to take pot shots between sips of latte at whomever turns up to take on their hero Barack Obama.


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