Friday, August 19, 2011

The Left “Arms” Rioters and Disarms their Victims � Coach is Right

The Left “Arms” Rioters and Disarms their Victims � Coach is Right:

In 1997, the British government confiscated handguns from the people of Britain. Thanks to mandatory gun registration, owners had little choice but to capitulate, as those who failed to turn in their weapons voluntarily would be easy to hunt down and easy to imprison.

And now these same law abiding British citizens–for it is always the law abiding whose rights and property government seems most eager to steal–these same people have been left defenseless, watching helplessly as their property and livelihoods are being stolen, just as their weapons had been years earlier, by a criminal class only marginally different from that which robbed them of their ability to fight back.

And who are the rioters? Though most have been Blacks, using the shooting death of gangbanger and drug dealer Mark Duggan as an excuse for looting and mayhem, some previously law abiding Brits have joined in, according to a London cop.

“I saw teaching assistants, caretakers-people with good educations and good jobs…” blogs the bobby anonymously. “They watched the looters and thought: ‘I’ll have a bit of that too’.”

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