Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Relevancy of Ron Paul vs. the Coming Irrelevancy of the Status-Quo by Susan Westfall

The Relevancy of Ron Paul vs. the Coming Irrelevancy of the Status-Quo by Susan Westfall:

Let’s begin with a Youtube video that made the rounds at a brisk pace last Sunday titled “Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix is In.”

It pretty much says it all and covers a variety of MSM contributions about the Straw Poll results. The ire and disgust at the pathetic and blatantly obvious removal or marginalization of Ron Paul’s close finish with Michelle Bachman is evident in the poster’s voice. That same sentiment was massively evidenced in the comments and responses to MSM articles and personal blog posts across the Internet world. The manner in which Matt Strawn reported the Straw Poll results live on CNN clearly announced the coming marginalization storm. Can anyone recall or point out another time in the recent history of Ames Straw Polls (or at any time in its history) when only the first place winner’s name was announced, followed immediately by the announcer exiting stage right briskly and wordlessly?

“Stunned” probably does not even begin to describe the reactions of millions of viewers to that event. Even the panel of commentators was thrown off stride.

Their reactions called to my mind a panel scene from the 2008 elections, when CNN was reporting the South Carolina primary.............................


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