Monday, June 06, 2011

The Unshakable Reality – Begging For A Solution!| The Post & Email

The Unshakable Reality – Begging For A Solution!| The Post & Email:

"Are we truly free? Isn’t freedom just an illusion? Government intrusion is pandemic. Need we mention the recent 8 to 1 U. S. Supreme Court decision that increased police powers. How is this possible? Government shirks its duty to preserve, protect and defend our individual rights and the constitution. It haunts us everywhere we go.

It’s in our classrooms, our courts, our banks, our businesses, our public transportation, our cars, our kitchens, our food, our water, our energy, our land, our health care and even in our bedrooms. There is a rule for everything and for everything there is a rule, while thousands of new rules and laws are passed almost every day.

Government has bought off millions of Americans who now won’t bite the hand that “feeds” them. In fact, the reverse is true. The receivers of the handouts will VOTE for those thieves that rob the Public Treasury."

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