Monday, June 06, 2011

Issa: Gunwalker 'not a rogue operation'

Issa: Gunwalker 'not a rogue operation':

"'The first hearing will focus on the victims of the murderous Gunwalker policy. He said that the Gunwalker scandal came from the 'highest levels' of the administration.'

Vanderboegh foresaw today's outcome on May 27 based on a tip that he 'spent the morning verifying.'

While the story does not appear on the Fox News website at the time of this writing, John Richardson of the No Lawyers-Only Guns and Money blog found the Issa interview via the Media Research Center.

Richardson summarizes that there will be a series of hearings to determine how high up in the administration the scandal will reach, noting Issa claimed 'This was not a rogue operation' and that per the agents, orders came from above."

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