Monday, June 06, 2011

Blood of Patriots: Learning From History…The Sedition Act. by Debbie Lewis

Blood of Patriots:

Learning From History…The Sedition Act. by Debbie Lewis:

"A hero to many, Federalist John Adam was considered a significant Founding Father and was also the new country’s second President. Having fought for our freedoms and participated in the forming of our new nation, a few of the things he did after taking office should significantly offend all liberty loving Americans.

Brought to light in the newly released film, Blood of Patriots, in 1798, just seven years after the ratification of the Bill of Rights, Adams signed into law the egregious Alien and Sedition Acts. For some, this set of laws was seen as protection from people living in the US from countries with which the US was possibly heading to war.

For others, it was a stab at the very freedoms they held so dear. “It is unfathomable that only seven years after the Bill of Rights was ratified, a President of the United States would act in such an irrational manner,” states Gary Franchi, the film’s associate Producer.

The Jeffersonians saw the Sedition Act was an attempt to keep people from opposing the government."

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