Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Ron Paul Is Dominating by James E. Miller

Why Ron Paul Is Dominating by James E. Miller:

Bringing scrutiny to an institution that has operated almost a century in the dark is quite an accomplishment. And it's all due to Paul's unwavering drive to move the discussion from not limiting the growth of government but to stop it in its tracks and shift the clutch in reverse.

The GOP presidential primary contest will ultimately come down to Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul. Romney will get the financial backing of the banksters and K Street crowd. If he goes on to face President Obama in the general election, America will be choosing between two shades of the same candidate. It won't be an election but a continuation of the status quo.

Paul has an uphill battle to win the Republican nomination, but as far as making history and changing how millions of people view their government and equally corrupt financial system, he has already won. As David Franke says, "Ron Paul creates polls rather than responds to them."

Not too shabby for a country doctor.....

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