Friday, October 14, 2011

The Fix by Jim Davies

The Fix by Jim Davies:

Happily there's no shortage of accounts of the devastation governments cause, and Lew Rockwell's own The Fascist Threat is one of the strongest and most recent. However I've not read many that suggest what can be done to fix it. Given then that government is so utterly destructive of civilized society that it clearly has to be eliminated, how can that be done?

I suggest the first essential step is to recognize that nothing else will cut it. Partial pregnancy is not an option; "limited government" is an oxymoron and two and a quarter centuries of malignant growth confirm that even in America, it's impossible. Government will always use such power as it has, to acquire more power; as fast as it can without provoking the fatal question "Government – who needs it?"

So that must be the aim: total abolition.

One further, vital objective: resurrection must be prevented. Imagine all government disappeared, today at 9.00 am. By noon, the shrieks will resound: Where's my welfare check? By evening, Pols will be rushing to fill the void, respond to the demand, and by next week government will be back in place. Additionally, the will to govern is so powerful that Pols would strive to resurrect the corpse of government even if.....

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