Friday, October 21, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan Protects Obama, Ignores the Constitution| The Post & Email

(Col Sellin) Rep. Paul Ryan Protects Obama, Ignores the Constitution| The Post & Email:

Nothing can be done about the Democrats because they are hopelessly corrupt and dominated by those who want to weaken and fragment the United States.

An unambiguous message must be sent to the Republican leadership that the American people are no longer willing to accept the status quo; that we will not vote for any Republican who refuses to support and defend the Constitution and uphold the rule of law by not speaking out against Obama’s ineligibility and crimes.

By protecting him, Ryan and other Republican leaders have proven themselves no better than Obama.

Corrupt politicians are tolerating the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and undermining the foundations of our country.

Republican leaders have a choice; either they can help the American people restore our republic or they can follow Obama to national Armageddon.

Choose wisely now because later we will not lift a finger to save you if you don’t.....

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