Saturday, October 15, 2011

October 15, 2011: The Day Obama’s Army occupied the Free World

October 15, 2011: The Day Obama’s Army occupied the Free World:

..... Blame the cunning of Marxist strategy. Pretend your protesters are saving abused civilians from the big bad banks and greedy corporations; trot out “democracy” as main motivation for clamorous uprisings; repeat the lie that it was “democracy” that returned Egypt to the control of the Muslim Brotherhood.

You’re more worried that Obama bypassed Congress to send troops to aid Africa anti-insurgency on Friday night?

That was just for showmanship. Its Marxist message: Obama with all the trappings that come with the highest office anywhere in the world can do whatever he wants and Congress can’t stop him.

Ironic, that Canada, America’s best friend and top trading partner would be one of the 82 countries now under the Occupation of Obama’s Army.

While it is well known that hard core socialism has been the underbelly of Canadian politics for decades, even with a Conservative Government in Ottawa and a conservative currently holding the mayoral chair in Toronto, Obama’s Army has moved the status of socialism in Canada from underbelly to official. (Will someone let Prime Minister Harper know?)

Ironic, too, that the Marxist plan.....

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