Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bill Maher to 'Occupy' Mob: It Might Be Time to Get Violent

Bill Maher to 'Occupy' Mob: It Might Be Time to Get Violent:

When the institutional Left first began to grapple with the emergence of the Tea Party, it reacted by smearing the peaceful, law-abiding movement as an "angry mob." When that didn't quite do the trick, liberals ratcheted up their hysterical rhetoric, slandering grassroots conservatives with every name in the book -- from Nazis to lynch mobs to terrorists.

Now that Leftists are rekindling their own dormant love affair with public protest (this time without the point), some of their sympathizers and leaders are gleefully encouraging exactly the sort of violence they mendaciously imputed upon the Tea Party. Take the smirking "comedian" Bill Maher, for instance. He appeared on Rachel Maddow's very, very intellectual program and suggested that Occupiers might do themselves some good by throwing a brick or two through Rupert Murdoch's window

Bill Maher video

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