Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IN A WORD — FUBO (Lonsberry-Must Read) � Gunny G: P!SSED YET? WELL, YOU OUGHTA BE!

IN A WORD — FUBO (Lonsberry-

Must Read) �


.....Instead I got an idea.

An idea that had been kind of simmering in my head for a week or so.

I was trying to think of a way to show that I wasn’t happy. That I was tired of bailouts. That I didn’t want to pay my neighbors’ mortgage. That I didn’t want to live in a socialist country. That I didn’t think the government should take over the banks. That I didn’t want a White House committee running the car industry, or putting a union consultant in charge of the process. That I didn’t think throwing 17,000 more troops into Afghanistan without a clear objective was a bright idea.,p>

Basically, one month in, I’ve already had a bellyful.

Sure, on Inauguration Day I was all hope and change. He wasn’t my candidate, but he was my president, and I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt.Then he went on Al Arabiya.,p.

And stole the census. And decided my confidential medical records had to be in a federal database. And tripled the deficit in three weeks while condemning George W. Bush for doubling it in eight years.

Basically, I got a bad attitude.....

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