Saturday, October 01, 2011

Email From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Barf)

Email From Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Barf):

Unbelievable. Republicans just released their draft budget. What’s their solution to the economic crisis? Cut NPR, defund Planned Parenthood, and bust unions. That’s not a jobs plan, that’s a radical agenda.

The Democratic Senate will stand strong against these cuts. But if the Tea Party gains only four seats, we lose the majority – and our ability to defend women’s rights, protect workers, and even listen to Morning Edition.

With only a few hours until the deadline, we still have $18,000 left to raise. That’s only 301 more people from Florida. If we miss this goal, our budget can’t be met, and we start conceding states to the GOP. If that happens, Boehner and Cantor take over the Senate, too.

For the next few hours, your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar. Can you kick in $5?

If we fall short, the Senate will look like the House. Enough said.....................


Jason Rosenbaum

DSCC Online Communications Director

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