Friday, September 30, 2011

What Could We Do? by Eric Peters

What Could We Do? by Eric Peters:

I’ve had numerous responses to articles I’ve written asking me, “Ok, so what’s the next step?”

I respect your intelligence, so I won’t say … voting.

We have about as much real choice at the ballot box as a condemned prisoner has when offered the option of being gassed – or hung. It will not matter an iota what front man is (s)elected for the 2012 presidential run. Oh, and that front man will not be Ron Paul – precisely because Ron Paul would not be a front man. I am certain he knows this as well as I do. He is running only because it gives him a podium; helps to spread the word. But Dr. Paul (who unlike the many shysters with mail-order divinity degrees out there actually is a real doctor and so deserves the honorific) knows he’s this era’s Barry Goldwater – and just as likely to be elected president.

In the end, we will get exactly what we’ve been getting for at least the past 147 years: More government-corporate tag teaming. And the ones being tagged will be us.

So, what can we do?.................

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