Friday, September 30, 2011

Is Obama Intentionally Ratcheting Up the Racism?| The Post & Email

Is Obama Intentionally Ratcheting Up the Racism?| The Post & Email:

Obama & Co. have intentionally painted a target on white capitalist America, and they often name the Tea Party specifically as their political enemy, calling upon blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and union thugs to take their war on white capitalists to the streets. It should surprise no one that youths from these groups are following the current administrations call to action.

This resulted in a recent violent home invasion in Philly, placing the security of an innocent family at risk in their own home as young black and Hispanic kids shouted – “We got you, you white mother——-!” – “Something’s going to happen now!” – just before they crashed into the home, hit 37 year-old father and coach Mark LaVelle with a pipe, punched him in the face and pulled a gun on him in his own home.

Recently in Florida, a mob of black high school football players and coaches attacked a referee on the field. The political left has convinced these folks that they are entitled to other people’s property, and now they are telling these folks that if Tea Party types won’t give up their property willingly, they should take it, violently if necessary.

Philly is trying to lock the city down in order to get the thug violence under control................

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