Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prison Planet.com � 9/11 Truth Critics: Do They Have A Case?

Prison Planet.com � 9/11 Truth Critics: Do They Have A Case?:

The short answer to the question in the title is no.

The 9/11 truth critics have nothing but ad hominem arguments.

Let’s examine the case against the truthers presented by Ted Rall, Ann Barnhardt, and Alexander Cockburn.

But first let’s define who the truthers are.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to have a web site and to rant and speculate to their heart’s content. There are a large number of 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

Many on both sides of the issue are equally ignorant. Neither side has any shame about demonstrating ignorance..................

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  1. Declaration V. the Constitution?

    The question, if any question, should be the constitution Vs. The first Constitution, The Articles Of Confederation.

    Our first constitution--matter of fact--had no president, congress, supreme court, federal income tax, etc, etc.

    Further, matter of fact, The Constitutional convention was authorized ONLY to update The Articles Of Confederation, NOT to dump the AOC altogether and write a new constition.

    The new Constitution, incidentally, never wouls have been approved by We The People (remember them?) if they (the politicians) were not then forced to add a Bill Of rights...more, much more...


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