Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are They All Guilty of “Slimy” Reporting?| The Post & Email

Are They All Guilty of “Slimy” Reporting?

| The Post & Email:

It looks like the Washington TIMES is about to join the New York SLIME in ‘slimy’ reporting.

Your quixotic attempt at continuing the cover-up of ‘The Ineligible One’ is as weak, ineffective, and slimy as any we have seen. (You did get two things right: Your subtitle stating that the ‘FEC allows the ineligible to run for the nation’s highest office’, and your delineation of the requirements to hold that office.)

Should you choose to continue this story (with apologies, retractions, and some real reporting skills – a-la Woodward & Bernstein of the Washington POST), you might just want to ‘investigate’ the following:


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