Friday, September 02, 2011

Obama Regime steals the identity of We the People!

Obama Regime steals the identity of We the People!:

Strike up the drums and fifes. Senior-Advisor-to the-President-David Plouffe is out there posing as a patriot.

The latest email being sent out to cyberspace portrays the Obama Regime as “We the people.”

In other words, the same people imposing Marxist misery and working feverishly to “fundamentally transform America” are ordinary, struggling without jobs Americans!

There’s nothing more magic than astroturf!

You could have knocked Canada Free Press (CFP) Arkansas reader Elaine over with a feather, but she had already fallen off her chair—laughing.

“We’re about to change the way Americans engage with President Obama and his Administration by launching a new way for you to join with fellow Americans to petition the federal government on a range of issues,” plummy Plouffe wrote yesterday on his email, subject line “Video: Something big”.

“It’s called We the People and you can learn more about it, and sign up to be the first to know when it’s live here”.............


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