Friday, September 02, 2011

GM Continues Chevy Volt Folly at Taxpayers’ Expense (Excellent piece)

GM Continues Chevy Volt Folly at Taxpayers’ Expense (Excellent piece):

The lack of demand for the Chevy Volt is not a well kept secret. The all-electric Nissan Leaf outsold the Volt by a margin of over 4-1 as it appears that GM overestimated the importance of curing "range anxiety." Reports are surfacing that confirm the fact that the Volt is not going over well with the average consumer . This has not influenced the tone of GM's rhetoric. It seems that the philosophy of the leaders at GM is to fool the majority of Americans, which are not paying attention, into believing that the Chevy Volt is a huge success.

If they can do this, friends at the Obama Administration can benefit politically and taxpayer funds can continue to be used to produce so-called green vehicles. The situation would be laughable if billions of taxpayer dollars were not being wasted to support an unwanted, over-priced vehicle that has no measurable benefit to the environment or foreign fuel dependence.................

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