Friday, September 02, 2011

Florida officials urge residents to report shady activity

Florida officials urge residents to report shady activity:

"If it's going to be a system that's going to allow people to demonstrate their biases, then I think it could be destructive and cause tension in the community.

And such a thing will not benefit anyone," Imam Siddiq Abdullah of the Islamic Center of South Florida in West Palm Beach said.

The state will promote the campaign on television, radio and billboards, and urge residents to report suspicious activity to a hot line, (855) FLA-SAFE, (352-7233) said Bailey, who is also chairman of the Domestic Security Oversight Council.

But that might not give nosy neighbors enough detail about what exactly "suspicious activity" is, Abdullah said. The strategy should include specific information about what people should look out for, said Abdullah, and should teach tolerance, he said...............

"This is something that needs to be focused in on and needs to be taught. But as far as giving prejudice a platform, that's not going to benefit anyone," he said.

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