Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Yorkers Wonder if US Heard Spiritual 'Wake-Up Call' of 9/11

New Yorkers Wonder if US Heard Spiritual 'Wake-Up Call' of 9/11:

But he believes the U.S. lost its way in some respects after 9/11, rather than rising to the occasion.

He is struck by the “failure of leadership in America,” on the part of politicians he says are “exploiting our differences for narrow political ends of getting re-elected,” and “not really talking to America and the world about very fundamental things.”

Harding also believes Americans gave in to fear after the attacks, placing their trust in morally questionable tactics in the interest of national security.

“I never thought, in my lifetime, that I would hear people on television debating whether, and what kind of torture, we should be using.

Didn't we have the (Imperial Japanese) Bataan death march? What is going on here? This is crazy … It's fear. Where there is fear, there cannot be faith.”..................


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