Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Secret Chart Shows the End is Nigh for Obama

My Secret Chart Shows the End is Nigh for Obama:

Change can be a good thing; or, as we have all found to our sorrow, it can be a bad thing.

In the stock market, volatility is often a precursor to a change of direction in the market, either up or down.

And oh, man, has volatility been defining this market for the last six months, especially since the debt debacle heated up in the US and Europe late this summer. This really has been the summer of discontent.

The market measurements of volatility represent the price of stock investments. But underneath that measure is the sum-thinking of real people who act and react to real events. They react to debt deals, jobs plans, tax increases- real, imagined and Fantasy Island- the price of milk at Safeway and the price of gas at BP.

And the sum of all that volatility means that the price of stock investments are about to undergo, in my opinion, a radical change in direction from what we have seen in the last ten years. In this context you should see the stock market as a proxy for the economy overall and you should see the economy as a proxy for our society as a whole...............

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