Saturday, September 17, 2011



It has recently come to my attention that cell phones are profoundly changing the world in ways we may not realize. Kids are growing up learning the shorthand spellings of words commonly used in cellphone text messaging.

These misspellings are bleeding over into their non text messaging life. This is not good in my opinion. But this is a small thing compared to what is going on with kids in other parts of the world.

In countries where modern technology is common and the Latin alphabet is not traditionally used, kids are learning to text message their native language using a simplified Latin alphabet. I am talking about the middle east and south east asia specifically. Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Iran...use complex alphabets and are not practical to use for text messaging

Vietnam uses a highly complex variation of the latin alphabet that cannot be utilized on most cell phones, if any. They are gradually dropping the complexities and using the simpler european latin alphabet.

I believe we are witnessing a gradual shift to the world wide use of the standard latin alphabet and it is all because of cell phone proliferation and the internet.............

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