Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Battle of Armageddon!

The Battle of Armageddon!:

The Battle of Armageddon will commence near the end of the seven year tribulation period in which a sin ravished “EXPONENTALLY CATISTROPHIC” world’s remnant (DRIVEN BY SUPER DEMONIC FORCES) will march to war against Almighty God and His ETERNAL sovereignty over His creation (Joel 3:2,12, Zech. 12:2, Rev. 16:13-16).

This global remnant of rebellious humanity of the ravished world at this time will make their final delusional destination, clawing and crawling to war against their Creator.

So focused, so driven, so blind with such EXPONENTIAL subjective, vindictive hatred that seven years of the EXPONENTIAL horrific consequences of godless man along with the SUPERNATURAL

Divine judgments of Almighty God will NOT DETOUR these individual’s godless passion, hatred and consuming desire to establish their insane and delusional godless utopia and seek the full eradication Almighty God from His creation (Rev. 9:20-21, 16:9,11).

No wonder Almighty God will laugh His head off at the full blown insanity of the nations of this period (Psalm 2). .......................

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