Saturday, September 17, 2011

221. Can Ron Paul Win?

221. Can Ron Paul Win?:

Lew Rockwell Talks with Alex Jones.

In this InfoWars interview, Lew and Alex analyze the media’s attempts to black-out stories about Ron’s surge in the polls, and deny him coverage. It’s living proof that the establishment is worried and threatened by Ron and our movement. Lew goes on to discuss “Gardasil Rick” Perry’s totalitarian program of forced, dangerous vaccinations of children to reap benefits for himself and BigPharma.

On the economic side, Lew recounts how, after many years of study and teaching, Ron has succeeded in exposing the secret operations of the Fed.

Indeed it’s become a hot topic for everyday Americans who question why our dollar is being destroyed, and who benefits. And, of course, Ron remains steadfast in his calls to end all the wars, bring the troops home from everywhere, and stop the spending. Ultimately,

Lew and Alex believe that our time is coming, and that liberty will prevail.............

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