Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why the media likely ignores presidential hopeful Ron Paul

Why the media likely ignores presidential hopeful Ron Paul:

Why is the American media so intent on ignoring congressman Ron Paul and his prickly libertarian views?

Paul is running for president in the Republican primaries, and it's plain that the handmaidens of the political establishment — Democrats as well as Republicans — are freezing him out.

He came within a few votes of winning last week's Iowa straw poll, just 152 votes short among almost 17,000 cast.

But rather than shower this intriguing candidate and his views with attention, the news media willfully forgot about him. The question is, why?

Perhaps the answer could be found during the recent Fox News debate in Iowa, in which Paul trashed Republican saber-rattling toward a potentially nuclear Iran.

"They're building up this case like, just like we did in Iraq — build up the war propaganda," Paul said. "It's time we quit this. It's time — it's trillions of dollars we're spending on these wars."

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