Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libertarian Peter Thiel Shocks With Political Island Project

Libertarian Peter Thiel Shocks With Political Island Project:

Billionaire Peter Thiel shocks again. Details magazine, reports he’s supporting what could be described as “Fantasy Island” or “Lord of the Flies” – revolutionary manmade floating nation-states, only 200 miles off the coast of San Francisco.

It’s a story now receiving both national and international interest. From The Washington Post:

The micro-countries Thiel proposes are diesel-powered, moveable, 2,000-ton structures built on oil rig-like platforms, with space for 270 residents to live.

Thiel believes these islands may be important in “experimenting with new ideas for government,” such as no welfare, no minimum wage, fewer weapons restrictions, and looser building codes.

The venture isn’t surprising from Thiel, a well-known Libertarian who once wanted to use a currency unaffiliated with any nation for Paypal.

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