Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Someone at Google Sabotaging The Post & Email? | The Post & Email

Is Someone at Google Sabotaging The Post & Email?

| The Post & Email: On August 20, 2011, several readers of The Post & Email advised this writer that when they tried to log on to our website using the Google search engine, they received an error message which ultimately resulted in a “Server not found” screen. A search for in Google yields a screen full of links to our articles, but those links all lead to the error message.

As this article goes to press, the graphics do not appear in our article published on the subject yesterday. Using the Bing search engine, the website is located and our article can be opened, but the same result of missing graphics occurs. Our copyrighted material has been hacked, which is a cyber-crime and has been reported as such.

When one tries to then go to our home page, the error message comes up again..........................


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