Monday, August 15, 2011

The Silence that Shatters America

The Silence that Shatters America:

"Why do so many elected politicians on the other side of the House and Senate, so many candidates for presidential election seem to accept as fact that Obama’s will shall be done?

“Thy Kingdom come”; “Thy Will be done” are immortal words prayed universally down through the centuries; words taught to us by our Saviour. It is God’s Will, and only God’s Will that shall be done.

Do Obama and his masters truly believe he is the Messiah?

No words by any politician were ever etched in stone. Much like their deeds, the words of politicians are forgotten in the passing of time.

In order to stop D.C.’s Marxist Commander in Chief in his tracks, he must be forced back to reality and told “No One is going to fundamentally transform America.” It’s eons apart from “Dreams From My Father”."


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