Monday, August 15, 2011

LtCol. Evans F. Carlson Of The Raider Marines Forum!: The Old Gunny & The T/Sgt!

LtCol. Evans F. Carlson Of The Raider Marines Forum!:

The Old Gunny & The T/Sgt!:

"Veteran Marines have probably seen the picture of
a knight in a suit of armor, sword and shield,
etc., and which is captioned, 'If your 782 gear
doesn't look like this, then you are NOT Old

Reminds me of an incident of long ago (1952) involving
an old retired Marine gunnery sergeant and an
active-duty Marine technical sergeant.

I think the setting was a restaurant in
Oceanside, California--I was a boot Pfc not more
than 17, and so it could not have been a bar--but
I know it did occur in Oceanside.

The gist of the conversation between these two
had been generally the war in Korea,the
Old Corps, etc. At one point, the old gunny said to the T/Sgt,
something to the effect that, 'if your gunny
chevrons don't look like this (he went on to
describe what his own GySgt insignia/chevrons had
been, with great pride and in detail) then don't speak to me of the Old Corps!' Or, words to that effect--it has been a long time!)

Whether his chevrons had been the three chevrons
and crossed/rifles w/bursting bomb, or the later
(same as above) but w/two rockers/arcs added,".............


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