Monday, August 15, 2011

Prison � Households may be powered off remotely by power companies

Prison � Households may be powered off remotely by power companies:

"HOUSEHOLDS could have their televisions, airconditioners and fridges switched off remotely by power companies during peak times under plans to rein in the insatiable demand for electricity.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the option is among a raft of measures being considered as part of a national review into managing power use in the home.

Under the scheme, power companies would turn off household appliances for set periods of up to half an hour at a time.

An airconditioning unit or pool pump may be switched off for 30 minutes every five hours while a fridge may be shut down for 10 minutes.

Households signing up to the scheme would be given guarantees by their electricity supplier they would not notice any changes, in a similar way consumers with off-peak hot water systems do not notice when it is on or off.

Full article here"

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