Sunday, August 14, 2011

Obama, the Duke of Babylon & the Christian Origins of Marxism

Obama, the Duke of Babylon & the Christian Origins of Marxism:

"Whether convenient to believe, or not—almost the entire worldview of leftism is derived from heretic, medieval Christians. And while it may be stupefying how much Obama’s presidency mimics doctrinaire Marxism, the underlying socialist writings are likewise dull stuff, indeed. Yet, the actual origin of socialist ideas and symbolism is fascinating. Mistaken biblical exegesis of the Book of Revelation is responsible for much socialist ideology. Yet, one hardly thinks of Christianity when pondering Marxism’s roots—especially bearing in mind how utterly godless it is.

Considered a seminal thinker who profoundly influenced all future leftist movements was the 12th century priest and writer Joachim of Flora. His writings laid down the template for socialist ideology, delivering a three-part schema for history in which the last phase represents a paradise for mankind. For example, the Nazis’ Third Reich is taken from Joachim’s model.

This essay briefly examines how medieval ideas influence modern socialism, especially in lockstep followers like Obama, and the promised reign of the Duke of Babylon (Dux e Babylone), secular messiah."

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